infrastructure protection services

Department of the Navy, Infrastructure Protection Services, Contract#: N6523612D4813

HSSI is part of the Infrastructure Protection Services support team to the Enterprise Systems Engineering Organization within the Business Enterprise Information Systems Department of Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic (SSC LANT).  Under this contract our team provides the Department of Defense (DOD) and other Government agencies, engineering development, design, procurement, fabrication, configuration, installation, integration, logistics, maintenance, and life cycle support services for Infrastructure Protection purposes where security is of high or vital interest. Supported systems include management systems (software applications, computers, displays); ground sensors and surveillance (perimeter, interior, seismic, acoustic, magnetic, IR, imagery); information transfer systems (communication systems, radios, wireless, infrastructure (LANs/WANs, routers, hubs); information management systems (crisis/consequence management, web-based databases/tools); electro-mechanical security devices and subsystems; provisions for Information Assurance; command, control, communications and intelligence subsystems and business enterprise information systems. For more information contact Business Development,