Virginia DCJS

January 11, 2013

Homeland Security Solutions, Inc. (HSSI) is a registered security business (11-6592) and training academy (88-1530) in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The instructor staff at HSSI Training Academy have years of experience in firearms instruction and defensive tactics gained from a diverse background of military, law enforcement and government agencies. Instructors are currently NRA/Law Enforcement and VA DCJS, General and Firearms Instructor certified.

Reputable training standards are what distinguish HSSI from other training organizations. We provide specialized, practical training in to security and law enforcement community. HSSI Training Academy is dedicated to providing high quality, professional training to address the particular needs of anyone interested in becoming a security officer.

HSSI Training Academy is an approved alternate training site for Private Security Services General Instructor (13E/13I) certification by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

(6VAC20-171) Classes Available:

  • VA DCJS Entry Level
  • Security Officer Core Subjects (01E)
  • Arrest Power, Policies  and Procedures (05E)
  • Handgun Entry Level (07E)
  • Security Guard Handgun (075E)
  • Shotgun Entry Level (08E)
  • General Instructor Entry Level (13E)


  • VA DCJS In-Service
  • Security Officer Core Subjects In-Service (01l)
  • Handgun In-Service (07R)
  • Shotgun In-Service (08R)
  • General Instructor In-Service (13I)


For a calendar of scheduled courses CLICK HERE.